Smart Watch for Xiaomi Android Smart Watch Men 2022 Bluetooth Call Blood Pressure Oxygen Heart Rate Smartwatch Women Waterproof


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Smart Watch for Xiaomi Android Smart Watch Men 2022 Bluetooth Call Blood Pressure Oxygen Heart Rate Smartwatch Women Waterproof

Smart Call, Sports Health Watch

Large HD screen bluetooth calling
Multi-sport modes Health monitoring
Smart controls

Six Innovations Smart Upgrade

Large colourful HD discs Showcasing the excitement all the time

1.69 HD IPS colour screen With 240*280px HD resolution
Wider colour gamut, clearer picture quality sharp
and eye-catching on the wrist

HD Bluetooth call

High fidelity speakers and Bluetooth hands-tree calling for
high definition sound. Whether you're exercising or driving
your phone can be pushed to your watch in time for incoming
calls One-touch answering treeing up your hands and
alloWIng more freedom of communication

Address book, Call records available

View your contacts or call history on the watch
at any time. One-touch dialing

Hands Up mastery, Information alerts

Real-time synchronised information display, touch the
screen to browse more content. Experience the convenience
of smart wear at any time, anywhere, with constant

2 menus Switch at will

A wide range of pre-set menus to suit a variety of
aesthetics, list menus, honeycomb menus
There is always one to suit your habits

Cool and stylish dials Free to change at will

A wide range of dials to suit a variety of aesthetics, with
customised dials. Customizable dials to show of
your personality

Multi-sport mode

We promote a more natural way to exercise, on a smartwatch
so you can do it without the burden. Safer, more effective
and consistent exercise to accomplish our goals

Professional motion analysis

During your workout, you can always check your exercise
time, distance calories, pace and heart rate, and set exercise
goals. View all day pedometer data and the last 7
days of exercise data

Bluetooth 5.0 Low Power Chips

Bluetooth 5.0 version for more powerful performance supporting
Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0. Versions, new low-power bluetooth
technology to achieve more low-power computing
Bring a smooth experience, using rene 8762DK chip support
OS80 and above, Android 4. 4 and above, support firmware upgrade
Reduced power consumption for long and efficient battery lite

True heart rate monitoring

Six-one heart rate monitoring chip for further light utilisation
Multiple light paths are flexibly matched to achieve
all-Weather intelligent monitoring and more accurate data

Blood Pressure/Blood Oxygen

Precise Sleep

Automatic sleep monitoring with 24-hour real-time monitoring
The length and quality of sleep are analysed to make
it easy to get a healthy sleep

Breathing exercises Stress release

Built-in breathing training function to follow the watch as it
breathes in and out. Relieves stress and soothes
the body and mind

IP67 waterproof and dustproof weatherproof

IP67 rated water and dust resistant so the watch can be
used even when washing your hands or when it's raining
It can be used without fear of the elements and will go
further with you

Intelligent assistants Making life easier

By connecting your watch to your phone you can remotely
control your phone to take photos, control music find
your phone and more, a new and trendy way to
open your life and be more efficient

Simple function menu Easy to get started

More thoughtful gadgets

Sedentary Reminder Drink Reminder Weather Alarm Clock
Stopwatch I Timer I Torch I Brightness adjustment
Theatre mode Do not disturb mode

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