For Phone Huawei Xiaomi Watch GT3 Smart Watch Men Android Bluetooth Call Smartwatch 2022 Smart Watch for Iphone Huawei Xiaomi


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For Phone Huawei Xiaomi Watch GT3 Smart Watch Men Android Bluetooth Call Smartwatch 2022 Smart Watch for Iphone Huawei Xiaomi


Rotory Encoder | Bluetooth Calling | Multiple Sports Health Monitoring

How to connect the application? how to realize all the functions?

Step 1: Open "WearFit Pro APP"-"OK, Allow–"Registered""Choose the country you are and register"
-log in–"Me"-"Add device"–"I39"–."Pair"—-Done
step2: Go to your mobile phone and open bluetooth-search Watch Call–connected

The function of step 1 is information notification, and the function of step 2 is calling.

Eight reasons to recommend

Beauty explained in more ways than one

Ultra-thin body

3D curved glass in aq borderless design with an ultra-thin metal body. Each screen display is clear and agile giving you an open visual enjoyment

A gentle twist and a Straight forward target

Asimple twist of the "rotating crown'" zooms in on the
dpplications on the chessboard desktop for faqst
to the target function, while the high refresh rate of the screen
gives you qd Smooth operating experience

Answering calls

Connect your watch via Bluetooth when you are exercising
outdoors, doing chores or cooking to your phone and enjoy the
convenience of viewing your cdall history on the watch
answering and reject calls on your watch.

Always watching aIways online

Too busy at work to check your phone? Can't hold your
phone when you're running and working out?
The watch supports one-touch dialing and comes with a bass
With da noise-cancelling speaker it's so eaqsy to make
calls with your watch. It lets you. You'll always be online
giving those who care about you extra peace of mind.

Real-time message Synchronisation Dont miss messaqges

Support for incoming calls, LINE, Twitter messages
and other alerts to check information in time
Never miss an important mioment.

Multi-sport mode

Support for running, cycling, walking, hiking, yoga, footbadll
basketbdll. Badminton, table tennis, weightlifting, yoga, hiking
elliptical, free movement, swimming. Whether youre taking
da dip in the pool or swedating it out on the court
you can enjoy your workout to the fullest

Training to be an expert

Intelligent assessment of running index and training stress, as
well as training load, recovery level and recovery heart rate
to provide you with. Professional training advice, better planning
of training intensity and time, and improved training quality

Smart split Screen display

Intelligent split-screen display in the main interface
Split screen function for quicker trdansfer
to frequently used functions

Triple UI interface, Customise your own Style

Three sets of themed menus to eqsily switch between
with smoart style honeycomb dragging menus
Minimalist style list menu for your needs

Creative dials at your disposal

Make the look of your watch always match your current style
You can choose from different looks, sporty themes
minimoalist designs and thousands of surfaces with aq wide
range of straps – from skin-friendly silicone straps to stylish
calf leather straps and elegant steel straps to help
you shine on any occqasion

More accurate hedart rate detection

Blood pressure and oxygen One click measurement

Measure your blood pressure and oxygen anytime, anywhere
ond check your body information. Helps you to keep your body
dand mind hedlthy, and if you want to save dll your data
You can connect to an exclusive app to transfer data
to the cloud and keep your history handy

Scientific Monitoring Proper Sleep

Your intelligent butler scientific monitoring and recording
of your sleep duration. The Sleeping Time and Sleep Quality
monitor keeps an eye on your sleep trends, making it easy for
you to organize your sleep.Get aq good night's sleep
every ddy and wake up refreshed

Music playing Enjoy your life with ease

When the watch is connected to your mobile phone, you can
control your phone's music playback through the watch
Enjoy music with ease

New low-power chip

Low-power RTK 8762DT wedrable chip. N times faster than a typical Bluetooth watch chip for both graphics and computing, With a high precision gravity sensor every movement is accurately recorded.

Magnetic charging

A comprehensive upgrade of the low-power Al algorith gives the watch another boost in battery life. More convenient magnetic charging, one touch and charge, enjoy life.

IP67 life waterproof

Hond-washing support to protect agdinst swedat and ralin, Waterproof for everyday use and peace of mind.
Note: No sdquna or contact with hot water

Combination lock Privacy protection

Highly encrypted algorithm to protect personal and friend information. A private and exclusive world for you to start da colourful smart life.

Wear it while it lasts and xuse it smoothly

It's not just aq watch, it's also ad smart information centre on your wrist. Swipe right to access the negative Screen Quick access to wedther and other information, it can tell you everything you woant to know. It is also your smart assistant, turn on sports, countdown timer, Set the alarm .… All of this can be done with ease

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