for Huawei Xiaomi Phone GT3 Smartwatch Men Android 2022 1.32 inch 360*360 Bluetooth Call Smart Watch Smartwatch for Men Women


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for Huawei Xiaomi Phone GT3 Smartwatch Men Android 2022 1.32 inch 360*360 Bluetooth Call Smart Watch Smartwatch for Men Women


8 reasons to recommend

Colorful HD screen shocking vision

1.32-inch high-definition colorful large screen,
360*360 high-definition resolution,more clear and
smooth,vivid and delicate.

Lightweight sports with music

Built-in microphone and speaker,support Bluetooth music
playback,synchronous playback of phone music.

Bluetooth Call

Connect to phone through Bluetooth,and can also answer or
reject calls on the watch,and check the call history.
Whether working out outdoors or doing household chores at home,
calls have become easy and comfortable.

Synchronous communication

Synchronize phone contacts,communication records,built-in speaker and microphone,and never miss important calls while working,meeting,or driving.

Bluetooth dual mode low power chip

Using dual Bluetooth 4.0+5.0,the new low-power
Bluetooth technology,bringing a smooth user experience.
Track your daily activities at all times and achieve
long and efficient battery life

One-click replacement of background

Choose a photo you like and easily replace it as
the dial background.The time and date on the dial
can be freely changed in color and position.

Three menu interfaces

There are three new menu interfaces,and the global
functions are clearly understood,and the operation is smooth.

Smart split screen

The smart split-screen circular dial carries more
information.You can swipe left and slide down on
the main interface to perform various common functions,
which is convenient and fast.

Multiple sport modes

According to the sports mode you choose,the sports interface is
displayed.Whether it is running,cycling or playing,you can
start the matching sports mode,always know your sports
situation,and adjust your sports plan.

Stay in perfect shape

Newly upgraded a number of common exercise modes,walking,
running,cycling,yoga…meet the needs of different
sports enthusiasts,based on real-time heart rate monitoring
and algorithm analysis,present relevant data in real time,
understand your own sports performance,
customize Exergise plan,adjust exercise intensity.
Create an S-shaped bodybuilding curve.

24-hour heart rate monitoring

Through the green light sensor,you can quickly measure
the data of your heart rate and remind you in time.
You don't need a mobile phone,and you can measure it
directly on your wrist.

True blood oxygen monitoring

Real blood oxygen monitoring,you can easily measure it on
the wrist,and know your physical health at any time.
It is recommended that the following groups of people pay
attention to their own blood oxygen conditions:high-intensity
mental workers,elderly people,people with hypoxia in
plateau/alpine environments,and people who snore.

Physical health

To help you understand your own health more clearly and
better adjust your life pressure,you can view more
data through the App.

Female menstrual cycle

The built-in female physiological cycle function reminder,
the device will display different status reminders in
different periods such as safe period,menstrual period,
ovulation period,pregnancy period,etc.

Don't miss calls messages

The mobile phone and the watch are connected
by Bluetooth,and the information such as phone calls,
Twitter,Facebook,text messages,etc.,vibrate reminders,
and easily handle important information.

More common functions

A variety of commonly used smart functions,such as
checking the weather,remote taking pictures,SMS reminders,
sedentary reminders,smart stopwatches and other
practical tools are convenient for your daily life.

Sleep monitoring

Record your sleep quality and sleep cycle (deep sleep,
light sleep, help you understand and improve your
own sleep quality to have a high-quality sleep.

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